Pushing through the lull

Stagnant, it dawned on me while making my bed today. I dislike January because it makes me feel stagnant. The holidays are over, no longer is their gift giving, baking or celebrating with family. The weather dips into depressing. I attempt to settle back into my routine but it always feels false. My work outs are at the mercy of the weather. Even though I believe you can and should run outside during the winter.  It isn’t possible when the high for the day still has a negative sign in front of it or there is ice. There is a great variety of at home work outs including those on YouTube. I will do one but I can only do so many before I’m bored, even if they are different. January brings out an onslaught of new resolutions meaning work out classes normally crowded are especially crowded. Plus, the motivation to leave the house when it is cold or snowing or both, well it is minimal.

January tests and challenges that like no other month.

But unlike past years,  I’m pushing through it. I’ve managed 12 miles this month, even with the horrible weather. I’m signed up for two community ed classes that start the last week. I will be trying out a new class, barre, along with my tried and true, zumba. I’m eager to see what barre is like. I’ve done YouTube workouts with it but the class experience usually gives me a better sense. For instance, I love going to yoga classes but I’m not huge with doing a yoga dvd at home. Classes provide a different effort and vibe. The instructor and other students provide inspiration or motivation that can be hard to find on your own. I’m hoping that barre becomes as fun in a class. I’m signed up for two half marathons,  pushing me to take advantage of the days where I can squeeze out a run.  The next two weeks will continue to be challenging. I’m eliminating the excuses and hunkering down.

If you are experiencing your own workout or health plateau. Look at what you are doing and why it’s challenging. Start scheduling your work outs like you would with other important dates in your life. It is a time you give to yourself to be your best self, make it count. It also comes from adapting the changes to your overall lifestyle. I found my best success within maintaining my best self came from little changes made over time. Things like, no drinking soda, drinking my coffee black, always eating breakfast, the things you are likely to read as top ten diet tips or other silly titled lists, are the same things that when put into your routine, make a difference. I don’t think of my workouts or eating as my diet, I think of them as my life. That simple but huge change made the biggest difference in my journey.

Start small, figure out your routine and then go!



About Minnehappilos

I am a lot of things. Dog owner, runner, traveler, worrier, feminist, rap enthusiastic, but mostly a contradiction that only a child in born in the 80's could represent. This blog is not a manual, just a funny read.
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