Beating the heat with beats

Running in Savannah prepared me for the summer heat here in Minneapolis. Yet, on multiple runs now, I’ve been feeling sluggish. Part of this I blame on my vacation diet, the other part is weather. Now, the weather has been pretty delightful  compared with last year’s heat wave. I read once, I believe in Runner’s World, that you can add 20 deg to the outside temperature and dress for that. A helpful tip for layering in cold weather and also it explains why 55 deg is considered the ideal running temp. But in the summer, it also means that even if it is 80 deg, you can expect it to feel much warmer when out running. I had a moment during my run today where I thought what is harder, running in the winter or summer? Now, both present problems. The winter is cold, no matter how much you layer, the wind still finds a way to whip in your face, your gloves never  keep your hands perfectly warm(which is why you get those nifty hand warmers hunters use). Summer, you can only delayer so much, the humidity makes your lungs feel like they are drowning in air. The sweat falls into your eyes and clings to you. In the winter, you don’t realize how much you sweated until you take off your 57 layers. I never did come to a decision on it. Instead I just enjoyed a new playlist today to keep my mind from debating weather complaints. Enjoy.

Summer Beat the Heat Beats

  1. 1. Sia-Breathe Me(Mylo Remix)
  2. Tiesto ft Charlotte Martin-Sweet Things
  3. Chris Brown-She Ain’t You
  4. The Whitest Boy Alive(Fred Falke Remix)-Golden Cage
  5. Ciara-Got Me Good
  6. SWV- Right Here (Human Nature)
  7. Nicki Minaj-High School
  8. Taio Cruz-Higher
  9. Wiz Khalifa-Roll Up
  10. Rihanna-Where Have You Been
  11. Rihanna ft David Guetta-Right Now
  12. Diddy ft T.I-Hello Good Morning

Remember, stay hydrated and morning workouts are your friend in the summer, even for us non morning people.


About Minnehappilos

I am a lot of things. Dog owner, runner, traveler, worrier, feminist, rap enthusiastic, but mostly a contradiction that only a child in born in the 80's could represent. This blog is not a manual, just a funny read.
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