Things I’m enjoying currently

Arrested Development S4: I love they brought it back for a fourth season. I really love that it’s the original cast plus the same amount of cameos as previously. I still can’t quite figure out what they did to Steve Holt!.

La Croix: Sparkling water has never been in my list of must haves until the last week. I bought it deciding it would be my newest adult like thing. Turns out drinking vodka sodas will actually do more than just get you drunk. It helps you turn that corner from not liking soda water to liking it.

Marina and the Diamonds: I saw her in Minneapolis a few weeks ago. She is amazing live. Her songs remind me of Katy Perry, Kate Nash and the Scissors Sisters.  Her songs are fun but clever.

The weather here in the 612 won’t make it’s mind up. I feel like the month of May is the spring we should have started late March. Today started beautifully, the sun was out, a light breeze, 70 degrees and by 3pm it went to 65 and raining. I can’t complain, it’s still better than snow we were still getting in April. The weather makes motivation towards working out low or high. This morning I managed to squeak out a four mile run.  It was worth every minute of it. I’ve started my marathon training plan officially. My eye is set on the Des Moines Marathon in October. My plan is to do a 5k in South Carolina in July, a half marathon in South Dakota in September and the full in October. If, I manage this I will hit my 10th state with Iowa a week before I turn 30. I’ve already realized that some of my 30×30 won’t be done. For instance, I won’t finish my MBA by then, but it’s also because I decided that.  Some of the goals I am going to half cross out, for instance I went to New Orleans, not during Mardi Gras, but I went. That is enough for me for now. I also plan to roll some of my goals over into a new list.

In other news, I’ve started eating meat again. It is weird. I made the choice because I need to cut the dairy. I wasn’t getting enough protein with no dairy or meat within my diet. Now I know some veganize their diet without issue. I know there are athletes that successfully follow a vegan diet. I’m not them. I fully understand it and I respect if someone eats meat or not. Now that I am eating meat I am trying to do it responsibly. There are parts of our industrialized food chain I am still horrified by and disturbs me. I will say that it is challenging finding ethically grown and processed meat. I am lucky that I live where I do. Minnesota maintains a website dedicated to finding local growers. Today is the start of my Whole30 challenge. If you want more information about it or how to do it, I encourage you to check out the blog. There are also plenty of bloggers that have written about their personal journey with it and what you can expect. I don’t expect miracles. I do want to find out if some of my more annoying day to day ways of life like my allergies and skin improve. I figure at most it will just mean I eat a shit ton of vegetables and I’m okay with that too.




About Minnehappilos

I am a lot of things. Dog owner, runner, traveler, worrier, feminist, rap enthusiastic, but mostly a contradiction that only a child in born in the 80's could represent. This blog is not a manual, just a funny read.
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