Getting Comfortable with Uncomfortable

I found this while searching the hashtag #whole30 on Instagram today. It really stood out to me. Not just because it’s clever but because it summarized so much in just a few words. Patience is not an adjective that describes me. Fast is a compliment with most situations. Even when someone thinks you did something too fast, they don’t use the word fast, they used rushed. You are rushing me is bad, fast is a compliment. Fast food is often thought of as unhealthy, many times it is. However, not all food that is fast is bad. An apple is fast, it’s healthy. Yet, what this illustrates is the pause, the thought that needs to go into your choices.

The whole 30 search interest sparked last week after reading two separate blogs doing it. I was curious as to what it was and why it was becoming the new trendy diet.The whole 30 is part of a larger movement and similar to Paleo, but more strict from what I can gather. I’m not an expert on either. Both ask the person to eat a lot of vegetables(minus white potatoes) and meat, no sugar, beans, soy/tofu, starches or dairy. Both are very meat heavy eating styles, which is what turns me off from them. I’ve been a vegetarian for the last 6 years. I still eat fish and eggs. I’ve had a cheeseburger three times in the last two years. I had a chicken sandwich once last year.  Both incidents were born of necessity and choice. When your heme blood levels are low, you need a little red meat in your life. Plenty of people follow healthy vegetarian or vegan lifestyles. This post isn’t about what is superior or not, it’s not even about the most healthy. Plenty of people eat unhealthy as a vegan(sweedish fish are vegan as is plenty of other easy fake food). But for most people, being too healthy is not the issue. What turns me off about these trends is just that I would need to start buying large quantities of meat again. I briefly thought about it tonight while in Trader Joe’s. I casually strolled by the meat, glancing at the organic, natural chicken. Then I nearly fainted when I saw it would cost 11 dollars. Do you know how many beans that would buy me? I’ve made exceptions for eggs and fish because they are still relatively inexpensive. If I am visiting my sister, the Amish farm up the road hooks me up with a dozen eggs for $1.50. If I am living it up city style as I often am, you can find organic natural eggs for around $3.50-4.00/dozen. Yes, that’s not cheap and you can get regular, abused chicken on roids eggs for $1.25/dozen.  I just prefer to think my dollars are going towards helping the chickens escape that life or companies are giggling gleefully as they pocket the extra three dollars.  Beyond the price, there is just so much choice it is overwhelming at times.

American is a land of abundance but we also have a large problem with finding what too eat in that sea of choice. I wandered the Minneapolis skyways for 45 minutes yesterday trying to decide what to eat. I was overwhelmed with options but also lacking options that fit what I was looking for within my dietary needs. It is something I run into over and over again. I do not think my needs are that crazy. But apparently in comparison they are, I guess my family’s joke about my bird food diet is true. I am picky. I do want real food on my plate. I don’t want food manufactured in a plant, designed by scientist to appeal to my sensory palates and basically act like crack. I want food to be food.

I think that’s exactly what the poster above advocates and I hope more people join the movement. Thug Kitchen knows it.



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I am a lot of things. Dog owner, runner, traveler, worrier, feminist, rap enthusiastic, but mostly a contradiction that only a child in born in the 80's could represent. This blog is not a manual, just a funny read.
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