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Heartbreak Hill: Why Runner’s Do It

As a runner yesterday’s news from the Boston Marathon shocked me. Most random violent acts are terrible. They take away your safety net. Yet, even when I read about mall shootings, subway bombings or other acts, it doesn’t change my … Continue reading

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Getting Comfortable with Uncomfortable

I found this while searching the hashtag #whole30 on Instagram today. It really stood out to me. Not just because it’s clever but because it summarized so much in just a few words. Patience is not an adjective that describes … Continue reading

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Sweet Syrupy Siren, Breaking up with Soda.

Soda, the sweet syrupy siren, pop or coke are other names it goes by. Flavors, varieties, caffeinated or not, it is every where. Easily available, vending machines accepting credit/debit cards, stores, vendors, restaurants giving it away with your meal. When … Continue reading

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