Setting Your Dedication

I practice yoga once a week.  The Starbucks of Yoga, CorePower Yoga is located countrywide offers a variety of yoga classes. My favorite is yoga sculpt. I think of it as a bootcamp with yoga.The classes uses a variety of high intensity music, pumping your way through sun salutations, burpees, plank and a variety of moves with weights in a heated room. It is hard. Since September I try to make it to one class a week. Yoga supplements my work out routine, it is not my only routine. Plus, membership or class passes are expensive, but worth it. I don’t get the same work out from a Jillian DVD.

I’ve been cruising along in class, gaining strength, pushing my practice. I could even make it through class using 5lb weights. Which may sound like okay, big deal, but it was a huge improvement from the first class where I couldn’t even finish the class with 3lbs. That was disappointing, I used to rock out 30 day shred with my 8lb weights. Then I went to Florida for the first time, between that and when my class pack expired and my next pay check came in, I went about two weeks between classes. Not a huge amount of time, but within that time, I lost something. I went back expecting my favorite instructor and there was a sub. No big deal, that happens and new instructors can be really fun. No, it was one of my worst classes. I just hit a wall and could not push forward from it. I hated almost every song that was played. The class didn’t flow for me. I cried while laying in corpse. I wondered what was lost. Why did I go from a punishing, rewarding work out to one where I felt defeated every single lunge.

I left class and thought no big deal, bad work out happens. You can’t let it defeat you. I went back, another bad class. Once again I thought okay, it happens. Go back, another bad class. I cried at the end of all three.

But, I wasn’t going to give up. No, I had at least 6 classes left to use. That money was not going to waste. I would keep having bad classes if needed until there wasn’t any left. I’m stubborn, I’m determined.

Every class you dedicate your practice to someone or something. I’ve never really thought much about it. I usually send it out to someone I feel needs strength in their lives. Good friends, after my aunt’s funeral I sent it to my mom(one of the bad classes), but I never thought about what I would gain from sending it to these people. The idea of how energy is shared through the universe is a powerful force. It is also something easy to roll your eyes at. It’s something you would shake your fist at a dirty hippie and say “get a job bum”. But then I realize I am that hippie. I read this blog post explaining the practice of dedication. What strikes me about it, is that it’s not just who you send it out to but the emotion that person brings.

I went back last Friday, dedicating my practice that class to my niece. The class was peaceful, energetic and fun.  It reflected my niece in the child like simplicity. I wasn’t struggling, expending thought on why not, or what was stopping me. I just went with it, the eagerness of exploration. I was back. Monday I went again, this time sending my practice to a friend, I struggle defining what or who they are in my life. My practice was equally punishing but rewarding. It was hard, it was fun. It was what I needed it to be.

Exercise is a tricky mistress. It rewards you. It requires your time. It requires your patience and often asks for more. When you finally learn what you get from it beyond a sweaty pile of clothes it becomes something you don’t know how you lived without. It doesn’t mean that I eagerly await every single work out. I need breaks. I need variety. I need motivation from others. Yet, even with that I know when it’s been too long. I look at my running shoes and say, yes we have a date.

I’ve learned that sometimes it’s just a matter of setting your dedication.


About Minnehappilos

I am a lot of things. Dog owner, runner, traveler, worrier, feminist, rap enthusiastic, but mostly a contradiction that only a child in born in the 80's could represent. This blog is not a manual, just a funny read.
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