I am committing myself to yoga. I’ve tried this before without complete success. When it comes to strength training my heart belongs to Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred. Running has been my main workout for the last three years. I hit the pavement. Running is simple and low maintenance. All you need is a decent pair of shoes, a motivating playlist and the ability to push yourself.Running gave me a sense of accomplishment. You tally miles ran. You compare times and distances with other runners. I signed up for races. I enjoyed those races and the sweet swag. Then I burned out. Running didn’t provide the same enjoyment, it became mechanical, difficult and a struggle. Physically, I knew I could do it, mentally, well that became the real challenge. I’ve dealt with this before, after my first half marathon I could not make myself run for six weeks. I was okay with it then, but this time I couldn’t let the break happen. I struggled with it, tried to push myself through it. I even tried training for  half marathon. It was and is my worst half marathon to date. I then said well maybe it was a fluke and signed up for a 10 mile run. That was equally bad.

My body was trying to tell me something. My weight hit an all time high. I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t enjoy the one exercise that provide a successful motivator and weight loss tool. My best friend moved back to Minneapolis the last week of September. She suggest we go to yoga. Before her move she was a regular at CorePower Yoga. Corepower by some is described as the Starbucks of yoga. I find it an amusing comparison.  Their studios are located throughout the country offering a variety of yoga classes. I tried it with her. I’ve done it a few times but it never bit. This time, it did. I’ve been using the $7 yoga mat I bought at Marshall’s last spring. It is beat up from doing 30 shred with shoes. It gets slippery during class. I knew that if I wanted to move to yoga full time I was going to need a better mat. Before I made that commitment I needed to know I was going to move forward on this. I started going to yoga sculpt once a week, then twice. It’s a challenging class. A heated room, yoga poses with weights and weight lifting combined with cardio circuits for an hour. My sister jokingly called it death yoga. Since I refer to it as such in a very loving manner.  The mat thing it’s been bothering me for the last two weeks.

Yoga mats, nice ones, like nice running shoes are expensive and hard to know which to buy. There are so many options. People have strong opinions about which mat is the best. If you read Amazon reviews on the various ones you get a very heated debate. I contemplated skipping the mat for a nice towel. I see them in class a lot. However those nice towels are expensive. They range from 30-68 dollars for a towel. I couldn’t convince myself that it was worth it when there would be a yoga mat to fit my needs. I started reading. I thought about what I really wanted. I wanted a mat I could easily carry to and from class without getting a separate work out. I wanted a mat that wouldn’t become a slip and slide after 15 minutes. Finally, I decided to spring for the mat by Lululemon. I haven’t tried it in class yet. The sales associate assured me it was the way to go. Well, sure she did, that’s why she is there. But I like about it the most is that like when I got my first pair of REAL running shoes, a real mat makes me feel legit. I feel like I’m really a yogi. I feel like that this is really something I can do.

It’s just the motivation I need.


About Minnehappilos

I am a lot of things. Dog owner, runner, traveler, worrier, feminist, rap enthusiastic, but mostly a contradiction that only a child in born in the 80's could represent. This blog is not a manual, just a funny read.
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