DIY Dog Sweater for under $5!

A few weeks ago my sister asked me to make her a dog sweater, not for HER but her dog. Since I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect project. My sewing  is elementary. My hand stitching is even worse. Still, I like the process, the hum of the machine. The challenge of learning something new. Perhaps I’ve been watching too much Project Runway and browsing too much Pinterest. Either way, I feel enabled every time I walk into the fabric store. I proudly strut back to the fabric section at JoAnn. I CAN make this work, I don’t need Tim Gunn. I just need a number because no matter what time of day you head to Joann on the weekend there is always 425 people in front of you. I picked out my flannel foxes and a matching complimentary pink liner color. I threw some velcro in the cart and headed to the check out.

After arriving home I set out to sketch my pattern. I use newspaper and a sharpie to draw out whatever pattern I find. You can buy an actual pattern online or in stores. I prefer the cheap route. I make my own, out of newspaper. I started out trying to copy a pattern I found. It wasn’t working. I knew that my dog had a raincoat. I could trace it and make the basic idea of it work. I folded in half and lined it up on the fabric. The nice thing about using a pattern. You can test it on your dog before you cut the fabric. It helps to bribe them with treats. You can also get caught up on the stories you ignored while grabbing out the coupons from your Sunday paper. Yes, I get the Sunday paper for the sole purpose of coupons.

After cutting your pattern, unfold your fabric. Lay this layer over your liner fabric and cut. If you are using a print, turn it so the print is facing the floor, as I have in this picture. Then pin your fabric together. Leave a hole to pull the fabric through to the right side up. Then sew the pieces together.
Flip the fabric to the right side. Sew your hole shut. Now bribe your dog to let you test the sweater sizing. You will need to figure out where to attach the velcro pieces to put the sweater on and attach. Looking at the picture above the top of the sweater is the top facing to the top of the screen. The round part at the bottom is the area that goes near the tail. The two pieces pointing out are the ones that come together under the dogs stomach.  If your dog is a little more busty or round, make that part larger. Otherwise you can do what I did and add a bit of fabric to attach it. Determine where to put your velcro or button. It really doesn’t matter what you use to get it on and off your dog. I used velcro because it’s easy and I am really bad at sewing buttons.
After you attach the velcro your sweater is good to go! Your dog will enjoy a stylish sweater all winter long.

The sweater took me around 2 hours to make between the pattern, sewing and hand stitching. The cost was less than $5. The yard of flannel fabric was on sale at JoAnn for 2.79/yd. I used less than half a yard between the two prints. The velcro cost me 2.50 after a coupon. I still have plenty of velcro left. Depending on what type of fabric you pick out will determine your cost.  L’ady doesn’t enjoy additional layers until the temperature drops below 20 degrees. That time is quickly approaching but until then it will go in her box of items.



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I am a lot of things. Dog owner, runner, traveler, worrier, feminist, rap enthusiastic, but mostly a contradiction that only a child in born in the 80's could represent. This blog is not a manual, just a funny read.
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