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Playlist Problems

Picking the perfect playlist is nearly impossible. Magazines like Shape, Fitness and Women’s Health provide helpful suggestions of songs to add. But face it, most songs are those featured in the top 40. If you already have a healthy dose … Continue reading

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Running Partner

This is Lady. She is my running partner. Her tale starts in the marshy low lands of Georgia. Her history is hers alone to remember, no information was available on the day I freed her from dog jail four years ago. Her … Continue reading

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Changes in Routine

I love work out DVDs. Strength training provides many benefits  experts like to babble about constantly in magazines. Seriously, pick up Shape, Fitness, Women’s Health or even Runner’s World and  all will have at least one article about strength training. … Continue reading

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Step up Your Workout

My long run mapped out to a perfect 7.01 miles. Then while cruising along I thought there are steps coming up, I should reroute and run up them. Sure enough, there they were beckoning me, saying you can do it. … Continue reading

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Why I do not diet

I do not diet. I am a healthy BMI. Traditionally, dieting was not within my vocabulary even when considered overweight. My body is not forgiving. I do not possess a naturally high metabolism. My body type is the pear, weight … Continue reading

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Sometimes It is Okay

Last weekend I should have been in Charleston, SC running the Cooper Bridge Run. It is a suspension bridge that you run over and it’s a 10k which is approximately 6.2 miles. I’ve done one previous bridge run in my … Continue reading

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