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Working Out-Week 1

Yesterday started the beginning of working out week 2. This week will be challenging in that tomorrow we are forecasted to get between 12-18 inches of snow. I should be used to this after last winter was just one snow … Continue reading

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Working out-Day 1

As promised as part of the work out challenge series, I’m going to provide you with my running playlist and work out plan. I’ve done six half marathons and am currently training for my seventh.  There are several ways you … Continue reading

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The Challenge

I’m offering a weight loss challenge to any one that wants to join me. Three events are making me want to make sure I’m looking and feeling fit. I’ve got my ten year high school reunion this August, a trip … Continue reading

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The Birdfood Weekend

I’ve been cooking up a storm all weekend. A vegetarian by choice, my dad refers to it as my bird food diet. Recently,I stumbled upon a recipe over at the Daily Garnish that I thought was too bird food even … Continue reading

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Work it Out with Me

As a runner one of the most common questions I get is “what is on your running playlist”? Okay, the more common question is about what type of shoes I use, races I’ve done and other more relevant conversational topics. … Continue reading

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#6 Learn to Sew

This past Saturday I took a sewing class at Crafty Planet.  My friend, Jan, joined me for the beginners tote bag session. This idea took place shortly after we completed gun training together. There are just certain activities in life … Continue reading

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