Glitter, Glue and Booze

My love for sparked the desire for a craft night. Kelly, a dear friend, was in town for the weekend. Kelly is an artsy type, I knew I could convince her to join me in this adventure. I decided upon two projects, glittering a pair of shoes and a Christmas wreath.

I took Friday off work to maximize our craft project time. We started with a trip to Michael’s craft store to gather our supplies. I love this store. It is overwhelming. Projects and sparkle everywhere, my poor eyes were on sensory overload. Naturally, getting a cart was a necessary evil. We loaded it up, did several loops around the store. I almost had a heart attack at the price of mod podge. Seriously, one tiny jar is almost $5.00! Then again, we didn’t blink twice at the price of Martha Stewart glitter jars.  I have to hand it to Martha. Her glitter is amazing. The colors are brilliant. I decided upon a green and black blend. Then Kelly and I went in search of feathers. I cannot remember why exactly we wanted feathers but we both knew immediately that we needed them, for something. Feathers were found and added to the cart. This is when I decided that feathers would not be glued to shoes but rather be used to make a wreath. Then we wandered back to the Christmas section where I picked out a wreath, ribbons and ornaments. My final selection was for a glue gun to make this magic come to life.

We packed in our purchases and went on the hunt for cute cheap heels for me to glitter. My shoes range from tennis shoes to 5 inch black stilleto heels. If I was going to learn a lesson from past craft history it was that it probably would be best to test this glitter experiment on cheap shoes. That way if they turned out as a blob of glue hideous pile it wouldn’t break my heart. However, winter in Minnesota does not give you a plethora of cheap shoe options. I know that Burlington Coat Factory is a safe bet for cheap heels per a hot tip on a blog that showed me the steps to glittering. I didn’t want to add that into our mix of shopping. I am fairly certain we have them in the ‘burbs but I thought Marshalls or Forever 21 would be a safe enough bet. I was wrong, it’s all about fake Uggs and other booties right now. I decided to just buck it up and use a pair of shoes I have. Our next step was to stop at Home Depot for spray adhesive and clear spray paint. Now, sure I could have gotten both at Michael’s but the amount versus what you pay is better at Home Depot. Plus, we needed to stop at the grocery store and it was on the way home.

I decided to sparkle my purple suede pumps. They have a ruffle that I felt would add a nice contrast to the green/black glitter. I duct taped the heel and ruffle so they would stay purple.  I put a piece of newspaper down to catch the glitter and give my sponge brush a rest area. If you are messy, put a plastic bag bunched up into the toe of your shoe. Various blogs recommend mod podge for the adhesive. As I mentioned, I’m too cheap for that. I used tacky glue like this.

I painted a layer directly on to the shoe with my sponge brush, then added a coat of glitter. I repeated this until the entire shoe was covered. Then I added a coat of spray adhesive and sprinkled on more glitter just to make sure it was covered. I let it dry overnight. The next morning I took my clear glossy spray paint and gave them a coating. Be careful not to spray too thick of a layer because it will run and then you have a glitter blob to deal with, and trust me that’s not fun. I peeled off the duct taped areas and took them for a spin.

This picture doesn’t give it full glory to how well they turned out. They remind me of a peacock. You could do this with any shoe or even just various details of the shoe.

The biggest thing is to find the right combination of color and glue. Also, be prepared to find glitter all around your house for the next few weeks.


About Minnehappilos

I am a lot of things. Dog owner, runner, traveler, worrier, feminist, rap enthusiastic, but mostly a contradiction that only a child in born in the 80's could represent. This blog is not a manual, just a funny read.
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