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Now work it out

Work out motivation comes in many channels and forms. The key is finding what combination works best for you. I’ve found it’s a combination of vanity, mental strength and accomplishment. Vanity in that I love how my clothes fit when … Continue reading

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Planning out resolutions

Resolutions are not a friend of mine. I generally avoid them like goals. I find them to be a nagging presence of things not yet done. Some find this motivational, I find it depressing. Goals put limitations. This may not … Continue reading

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State Seven

Last weekend I did the Tuscon half marathon. While I did not make my goal of running in under 2 hours. I came ridiculously close, 2:01:24.

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The 16 Year War

I’m obsessed with the Fitness page on I find some of the picture/pins incredibly inspirational. Some I find borderline eating disorder and frankly, disturbing. Really, I feel conflicted that it even invokes feelings at all. I wish I could … Continue reading

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Glitter, Glue and Booze

My love for sparked the desire for a craft night. Kelly, a dear friend, was in town for the weekend. Kelly is an artsy type, I knew I could convince her to join me in this adventure. I decided … Continue reading

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