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The Story of Bacon

Bacon is a three year old beagle I’ve fostered for the last month. Not much of her background is known. What is known is that she lacks refinement and manners.  Her belly sags from multiple litters of puppies. A past … Continue reading

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Ye old time cooking

My sister sent me this article from Yahoo yesterday. The author suggests using cookbooks from the pre World War II or World War II era because they are simple, use basic ingredients and offer more information around baking/cooking. It occurred … Continue reading

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How to Interview

I spent two years early in my career as a human resources manager. I left that world behind for an easier career path. Recently, I dusted off my interview tiara and put it back on to help back fill my … Continue reading

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Traveling with NPR as the Soundtrack

I drive frequently between the Twin Cities and other Midwest locales, mostly Wisconsin. My family lives there and frankly it’s a gorgeous state. My complaints towards the state range between the ability of people to drive on I- 94/90 and … Continue reading

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Baking Up

Last night, as the weather here in Minneapolis adjusted to fall, I fired up the oven. As a true city dweller, my apartment lacks A/C. Really, there are about four days when you need it. The more important device for … Continue reading

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Zucchini Pancakes

This morning while scouring my dishes from the previous few days, I thought about breakfast. I spent a few minutes reading runner’s world earlier and still had this black bean bread and healthy eat tips on my mind. At first … Continue reading

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Sculpting Yoga Style

CorePower Yoga ran a Groupon special for a month worth of yoga. I’ve been to a few classes before but never loved the prices. When I saw the Groupon I knew it was meant to be. I’ve been in a … Continue reading

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